first-chinaThis year we’re so honored to welcome youth from FIRST China to ROBOTICON!  In addition to the Red Hurricanes FIRST Robotics Competition team, whom we spotlighted earlier, we’re also joined by two FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams from the LEGO Education After School City Mall in Shen Zhen.

In case you wondered, that’s a 20 hour flight from Tampa – 14,118 km away, or more than 8770 shen-zen-to-tampamiles!  Check out their stories below, and please join us in welcoming them now and in warm and supportive welcomes at ROBOTICON next week.

Meet the Panda Team!


We are the Panda Team ,from LEGO Education After School City Mall · Shen Zhen China. Everybody knows,Panda is a kind of national treasure of China.

All of us love Panda so much. We wish children all over the world can say hello to Panda face to face.thumbnail_img_6910

We call ourselves the Panda Team, It’s like panda is temperate & friendly. Our Coach is Fly Mei and captain Arnold, also we have 4 members: Melissa、Eric、David、Tonny.

We are looking forward to this trip to the United States.

Meet the KungFu Kids!

img_8851大家好,我们来自中国深圳海岸城乐高活动中心。我们的队名叫做Kungfu kids.



Hello everyone, we are from China, Shenzhen coastal city LEGO Education Afterimg_8733 School. Our team is called Kungfu Kids.

Our team is a total of 6 people. My coach is Stone teacher, captain is Sunqianchen, and five other players are in turn Huangjinchun, Luohengrui, Tangchuhao, Zhangziang and Chenhaoyan.  Our research topic of this year is the frog,  a kind of bullfrog. We want to share a story about bullfrog with other children.


We can’t wait to hear the stories from KungFu Kids and the Panda Team, and all the great FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams joining us at ROBOTICON.