ROBOTICON 2023 Teams List

Event Date: October 7 & 8

FIRST Robotics Competition Teams

Team Number Team Name Home Base
79 Krunch East Lake, FL
1523 M.A.R.S. (Mega Awesome Robotic Systems) Jupiter, FL
1902 Exploding Bacon Orlando, FL
2383 Ninjineers + 2nd bot Ninjas In Pyjamas Plantation, FL
3164 Stealth Tigers Tampa, FL
5145 Wolfbotics Gainesville, FL
5276 Edgar Allan Ohms Tampa, FL
5472 Wyld Stallyns + 2nd bot My Little Pony Delray Beach, FL
5842 Royal Robotics New Port Richey, FL
8324 MECO Bithlo,FL


Hosted by

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Teams

Distributed Processors

Flaming Rubber Duckies 

The Butterfly Effect 


Jammin’ JagBots

Event Date: October 28, 2023

VEX Robotics Competition (VRC)

Team Number Team Name Home Base
229V ACE Robotics Tavares, FL
550C Apopka High Apopka, FL
550G Apopka High Apopka, FL
550X Apopka High Apopka, FL
3131V Drumroll Please Gainesville, FL
5245T Winter Haven High School Winter Haven, FL
5245X Winter Haven High School Winter Haven, FL
10278A Terabyte Winter Garden, FL
CyberTigers Kissimmee, FL
11981A Warriors 1  Lutz, FL
11981B Warriors 2 Lutz,FL
15943A Steinbrenner Robotics Lutz, FL
19122A Life is Roblox Montverde, FL
19122B Metal-Heads Montverde, FL
19122C Cryptohackers Montverde, FL
19122D The Boat  Boys Montverde, FL
20641A Robo Dawgs Zephyrhills, FL
30722B Lightning Gainesville, FL
33613N Team Polaris Tampa, FL
33613S Team Solaris Tampa, FL
54222A RamBot Interlachen, FL
66954A Circuit Girls Robotics St. Johns, FL
70649M Team M (AORE) Gainesville, FL
thehooligans Gainesville, FL
70857M PyroPigeons Tampa, FL

Event Date: October 21, 2023

Lightweight Combat Robotics

Fairy Weight (150 g)

Robot Name Team Name Home Base
Big Foot Toy Master Riverview, FL
Pequeña Muerte Team Madman 24 Ft. Myers, FL
Buckeye Bot Krieg’s Combat Gulfport, FL
Horseshoe Havoc Krieg’s Combat Gulfport, FL
Woody’s Wedge Krieg’s Combat Gulfport, FL
Catbot Liberal Arts Engineering Tampa,FL
Smol Liberal Arts Engineering Tampa, FL

Ant Weight (1 lb)

Space Junk Jupiter Robotics Lakeland, FL
JAWS Toy Master Riverview, FL
Beetlejuice Team Madman 24 Ft. Myers, FL
Crazed Madman Team Madman 24 Ft. Myers, FL
Error 404 Team Madman 24 Ft. Myers, FL
Insomnia Purple Fire Lakland, FL
Empyrean Florida Poly Robotics Lakeland, FL
True Biscuit Biscuits Clermont,FL
The Biscuit Biscuits Clermont, FL
Speedy Shredder
Shadow Shredder Team J-Ami-E Orlando, FL
Bot 1 Robosharks


Beetle Weight (3 lb)

AIM. BOT. Toy Master Riverview, FL
The Shredder Shredder
Reign Purple Fire Lakeland, FL
Hammerhead Florida Poly Robotics Lakeland, FL
Hammer of Thor Hammer of Thor (HoT) Tampa, FL
Havoc Robo Sharks
Big G Junkyard Dogs Winter Springs, FL
RougaRoo Junkyard Dogs Winter Springs, FL
BiChrome Panzer Jagers Lake Wales, FL
Peekaboo BattleBobs Port St Lucie, FL
Tarragon Tarragon Palm Beach Gardens, FL
 Smol Hex RIOT Robotics
Kamino Form II Productions Winter Haven, FL

Event Date : October 21, 2023

Aerial Drone Competition

Team Number Team Name Home Base
2154A AMRoC FlyWalkers Tampa,FL
  Zephyrhills High School Teams Zephyrhills, FL

Event Date: October 28, 2023

FIRST Tech Challenge Teams

Team number Team Name Homebase
2425 Hydra Tampa, FL
2845 Team Duct Tape Tampa, FL
4997  Masquerade Tampa, FL
19895 Dragomight Ocala, FL
21584 Spare Parts Brandon, FL
Brandon Academy Brandon, FL

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