thumbnail_red-hurricaneIt’s not usually a good thing when a hurricane comes to Florida, but we’re really happy to welcome this one!

FIRST Robotics Competition team 5606 Red Hurricane  was one of the first FRC teams to ever form in China. They are partnered with the Northeast Yucai School which is a prestigious school located in China’s Liaoning Province.

Coach Yong Zhang has led the team to competitions all over China and Australia. Their team has competed in the 2015 and 2016 Sydney Regional where they have respectively won the Industrial Design Award and the Macquarie Award for their outstanding performance in Australia. Coach Zhang is a true believer in Gracious Professionalism and has been instrumental in assisting the technical needs of many rookie teams all over China.

This will be Red Hurricane’s first FIRST Robotics Competition event in the United States and they are very excited to see the FIRST spirit in action.

FIRST allows robots and students to participate in a global platform of sharing and exploration” coach Zhang commented. They hope to learn much from the other teams competing and to see what other educational opportunities are available with the host University of South Florida.”

Please join us in giving our friends from Liaoning Province a warm Florida welcome!