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ROBOTICON Tampa Bay is a youth robotics showcase organized each fall by the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation, a nonprofit educational organization, in partnership with PLUGHITZ Live and other fine community partners.

Spectators are welcome and the event is free and open to the public. Look for 2024 event info later in the year and in the meantime, browse our News and Photos pages for a look at past ROBOTICON events, and check out the Volunteer and Sponsor pages to see how to get involved in our next event!

Visit our Education page to see how to get your children involved in the programs you’ll see at ROBOTICON.


ROBOTICON presents a high-quality team-based competitive robotics event that inspires youth through its mentor supported, hands-on skill building experience. The challenges of the competition start way before the actual event inspiring students inner drive to understand the real-world importance and applications of STEM skills. ROBOTICON endeavors to increase public awareness and engagement to help create pathways for  networking, and college and career readiness experiences for participating students.


Throughout the “Robot Season” students on FIRST, REC Foundation and other youth robotics teams are challenged to design robots in a fun and competitive game format. Each game pits the know-how, skill and resilience of their team and robot against that of teams and robots from all over the state, and in some events, all over the world. ROBOTICON provides a useful and enjoyable “one-more-time” post-season opportunity for high school level teams, as well as a “time-to-get serious” early-season opportunity for new season teams.

Fun & Educational

At ROBOTICON, students are exercising engineering, math, design, construction, teamwork, and strategic thinking in the course of an  exciting robotics competition. Participating teams as well as spectators, get to enjoy robust learning opportunities that demonstrate the real-world skills applications of what students learn through their season builds, particularly when they get to spend time with mentors and sponsors who are industry professionals. Read more  on our Education page

ROBOTICON gave me a front row seat to some of the innovative and complex robots these students are able to design and build.  …  These experiences create a real-life engineering environment where students are challenged to think through and solve problems relevant to what they will encounter in the future as professional engineers.

– Tony Glockler, SolidProfessor

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As a  ROBOTICON sponsor, your brand will be presented to thousands of attendees, participants, and live streaming viewers, and will help inspire our next generation of young science and technology leaders.

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