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ROBOTICON Tampa Bay  is organized by Eureka! Factory, a Tampa company specializing in educational and creative event and program development, in collaboration with the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation, a nonprofit educational organization, in partnership with the University of South Florida and Hillsborough County, FL

Held each fall, typically in October, the mission of ROBOTICON is to increase public awareness of and engagement in the power of hands on, mentor driven youth engineering and robotics programs like FIRST, and to provide participating youth with a low stress, high-quality competitive event with opportunities for skill building, networking, and college and career readiness experiences.

ROBOTICON is made possible thanks to great partners like PLuGHiTz Live Radio,  and great sponsors from around Tampa Bay and Florida.

ROBOTICON annually features:

ROBOTICON 2015-3066_Cropped

ROBOTICON 2015-4031_CroppedTeams from around Florida, the nation and international teams are invited to join in the fun and learning each October in Tampa!

If you’re interested in starting or helping FIRST teams in your area, please visit FIRST in Florida to find your local program choice contacts.

And stay tuned to see what’s 


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