Tunneling in from Orange County Academy in Orlando, comes FIRST Robotics Team 8324 MECO!

MECO is focused on developing students’ problem solving behaviors, teaching STEM skills, collaborating with others and expanding interest in robotics while teaching practical skills. MECO designs, assembles and creates robots for FRC, improving on previous designs and engaging students by having them build, design and assemble the robot based on specific game challenges created by FIRST.

Our robot’s name is Grommet and we have a mascot, a gopher, named Lt. Isaac “Go for” MECO!

The team is grateful to their sponsors, The Walt Disney Company, The Department of Defense STEM, Honeybee Robotics, United Global Outreach, Lunar Industries, Lockheed Martin, The Florida Space Institute, The Drake Family, Stonebridge Financial Planning Group, Solidworks, and Florida Atlantic University

Join us October 9 & 10 at AMRoC Fab Lab to see this energetic team in action!