Gliding in on swift fins from Naples is FIRST LEGO League team 23094 SHARKO-BOTS!

We are SHARKO-BOTS because we love swimming and we are really fast and strong. Our team was organized in April 2021 and our project was done just 2 months. We created ‘Wings of Fire” PlayGround which includes equipment with motors (Ferris Wheel, Obstacle course, Slide with wheelchair mechanism) and area with non-motors equipment (Dance room, Basketball place, Swings, Tree house, –°limbing wall and other).

Interesting fact: We made our “Wings of Fire” playground in just 2 months, and it was awarded in the nomination “The most interesting project”.

You can see the SHARKO-BOTS during the ROBOTICON 2021 FIRST LEGO League Day on October 2!