We’re super excited that FIRST founder Dean Kamen is a 2021 Florida Inventors Hall of Fame inductee!

About Dean Kamen

Dean Kamen is one of our nation’s most prolific inventors, holding more than 1000 U.S. and foreign patents, many of them for innovative medical devices that have expanded the frontiers of health care worldwide. The AutoSyringe insulin pump is one of his earliest inventions, which he sold to Baxter Health in 1981. He launched DEKA Research at around the same time, through which he developed an affordable, portable kidney dialysis machine. Later inventions include the iBOT wheelchair, the Segway, the Slingshot water purification device, and the “Luke” Arm, a prosthetic developed for the Department of Defense. However, it is the FIRST youth STEM education program he founded that he counts among his greatest innovations.

Why Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Matters

Mr. Kamen has no shortage of honors of course – he’s been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and received countless other accolades. Most recently he made headlines with the launch of the Christa McAuliffe commemorative coin , a project he worked on for years to honor the late astronaut and teacher’s work, and benefit FIRST students at the same time.

But it’s pretty awesome to be able to recognize the impact of his work in Florida, where more than 10,000 youth participate in FIRST programs statewide,  where some of the first teams and oldest competitions in the nation took root nearly 30 years ago, and where the FIRST model inspired ROBOTICON and later AMRoC Fab Lab right here in Tampa, to serve youth Tampa Bay, Central Florida and beyond.

Dean Kamen’s inclusion in the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame is an opportunity to Make it Loud for FIRST programs in Florida!

Crowdsourced Congrats from Florida FIRST Teams!

So we’d like to crowdsource a video congratulations card to Mr. Kamen, from Florida FIRST robotics teams across all levels.  If your team has had the opportunity get group photos with Dean Kamen at past events, or students or alumni have gotten photos with him, please share them!  If your team or students or alumni have been inspired by FIRST and Dean Kamen in some way, share your story.  Click the button below to share your photos, videos and stories by June 30 –

Celebrating Dean Kamen

And then we’ll share your photos and stories with Dean, at ROBOTICON and with the greater science and tech community in Florida!