Florida FIRST Robotics Competition teams are invited to tune in, as well as join in,  our next ROBOTICON Infinite Recharge Live show, this Friday, March 12 at 6pm on our Livestream channels on Facebook,  YouTube and Twitch for our next Infinite Recharge Live! event.

See Your Game Played Live at ROBOTICON!

This week, we’re inviting teams to share their Game Design competition entries during the show to win a chance to see them actually played live at our next in person ROBOTICON event (2021 or 2022)!  If we get enough entries we’ll put it to a public vote.  If we only get a couple, and they’re reasonable enough to launch at ROBOTICON, done!  Either way, tune in, take part, and join us for some fun conversation and resource sharing!

But you have to register to be part of the Livestream by 4pm March 12!

Tune In, Connect with Resources and Other Teams

We’ll continue hosting livestream shows the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month through at least April.

Each program will feature professionals from industry and engineering, provide resources, information, contacts, and support for teams around each topic and future programs will drill down further into things like programming, CAD, documentation, interviews and more.

How to Participate in the Livestream

Teams interested in being part of the livestream, to share their progress, resources, and ideas – and this week, their Games! – can sign up here to participate.

We Want to Be Part of the Show!

Teams can also watch the livestream and ask questions via chat on the ROBOTICON Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch channels.  Videos will be archived for reference throughout the season.

If there are topics you’d like included, you can share that info in the comments section of the form.

Additional Resources & Support

Programming /Autonomous Navigation Help

FRC Team 5276 Edgar Allan Ohms has an exemplary team of programmers who successfully reverse engineered the FRC Field Management System over the summer, presenting to the Georgia FIRST Symposium on their now open source project.  The FMS was used during ROBOTICON Live Online, and is also operational at AMROC Fab Lab, and available for other teams to use for their practice fields.  The team is always happy to share their strong programming skills with other teams wherever possible, to help them have as successful a season as possible.   If you’d like to connect with the team, write to them at frcteam5276@gmail.com.

Field Availability

Teams in the Central Florida and Tampa Bay region who need access to a field for practice, and videos are invited to schedule time on the AMRoC Fab Lab field.  There is an option on the Infinite Recharge Live form link above to request more information about the field.

Thanks, have fun and hope to see you at RTB Infinite Recharge Live Online on Friday!