We’re kicking off our 2nd Showcase Weekend with an 11am presentation by ROBOTICON 2020 sponsor, Sensible Micro,with a cool session on Counterfeit Parts analysis:

Saturday Nov 14 at 11am – Introduction to Counterfeit Parts & Inspection Analysis
Presented by Chris Torrioni with Sensible Micro Corporation (Sponsor)
The threat of substandard and counterfeit parts entering the electronics supply chain grows ever year. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) require obsolete parts to support active production needs. Being able to inspect and test parts accurately is vital to keeping supply chains safe. This workshop will focus on a brief introduction into how counterfeit parts get into the supply chain and how Sensible Micro utilizes industry recognized best practices to mitigate these risks. Watch on our ROBOTICON Twitch or YouTube channels.

Then, starting at 1pm, you can tune back into Twitch to  enjoy some live game play and interviews with our ROBOTICON 2020 FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, VEX and FIRST Robotics Competition teams!  Here’s the current line up (Please note, this schedule is somewhat different from what appears in the Public Agenda):

Saturday November 14 Programming

VEX – 1pm

VEX Team 33308A RevForce Robotics
We are a community-based team of three middle schoolers who are all homeschooling this year due to Covid-19. With one returning member and two rookies it has been a great learning experience so far. We are all athletes who play for our school and club teams but we still find time for robots.

FIRST LEGO League – starting at 1:30pm


  • 1206 ElectroKnights, Naples FL
  • 23878 Coyote Moon Amoebas, Valrico, FL
    The Coyote Moon Amoebas are an all-girl team of fourth-graders from Valrico, Florida. After two years of FIRST LEGO League Explore, they are excited to take on Challenge with their LEGO Spike Prime robot. They are mentored by FIRST Tech Challenge team 14189 VISION.


  • 14367 JagBots – Tampa, FL
    JagBots is a school based team at Academy of the Holy Names. Sponsored by Fun With Bots.
  • 48351 Distributed Processors – Tampa, FL (Recorded match)
    Distributed Processors is a community based team that meets asynchronously. Distributed Processors works in subgroups distributed in Riverview, Tampa, and Clearwater. We use technology to plan and share our work. This event is the first time we have met all together in the same room. We have 3 veterans and the rest of our team are rookies. Sponsored by Fun With Bots


  • 21472 Jammin’ JagBots – Tampa, FL
    Jammin’ JagBots represents Academy of the Holy Names. Sponsored by Fun With Bots
  • 30648 Bookworm Besties, Valrico, FL
    The Bookworm Besties are a middle school duo of girls with FIRST LEGO League experience on the Nerdy Nifflers and Tie Dye Gummy Divas. This team is mentored by FIRST Tech Challenge team 14189 VISION.


  • 40096 Novabots, Riverview, FL
    NovaBots is a veteran community team in Riverview, Florida that was created in 2018. We have 5 team members who meet in-person and virtually since COVID-19. Our logo is an animation of our mascot, a cat named Loki. Interesting team fact: Our team is doing outreach by doing trash cleanups in our community to help it.
  • 49378 No Disassemble! – Tarpon Springs, FL (recorded match)
    No Disassemble! is the school based team for Solid Rock Community School.Although No Disassemble competed last year, this year we have no returning members. We are a ROOOKIE Team! Sponsored by FunWithBots, Solid Rock Community School


  • 48501 Velociraptors, Palm Harbor, FL
    Vyom, Shana, Sara. Krishiv are robotics enthusiasts with voracious appetite for learning like Velociraptors. Team is mix of middle and elementary school with first year participation in ROBOTICON. (They’d like to use part of/all (?) of their time for one of their students to talk about how they raise STEM awareness)
  • 49377 Flaming Rubber Duckies – Tampa, FL (recorded match)
    We are a community-based team whose members practice asynchronously in Clearwater, Tampa, and Riverview, FL. We try to have full team practices once a month and use technology to communicate our goals and progress in between full team work days. Although our team competed last year, we have no returning members. We are a ROOKIE Team! Sponsored by FunWithBots


  • 50812 KRAKEN, New Port Richey, FL (against whatever top new team didn’t play last week & who is available to play live) This is their rookie year with a few returning from last seasons team Curiosity. This team was made possible from all the donations received. Their local library could no long have a FLL team due to CoVid. Their coaches decided to raise the funds to register a new team and to convert their garage into a special space for them to keep the team going, under the new name KRAKEN. Makayla, Blake, and Isaac continue their FLL journey this season with such determination along with new members Alexis, and Denton. They are a fun group that love to take on challenges together. Team KRAKEN is really excited to participate in their first scrimmage! “Fll what are you waiting for? RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” Sponsored by Caputo Creative

FIRST Tech Challenge – starting at 4:30pm

4:30pm – Team Duct Tape
Team Duct Tape is a 13 year old team that has been to the State Champion every year but once, and to the FTC Championship three times. They’re based at AMRoC Fab Lab and this year over half the team are new members, with several who have never participated in robotics programs before. Team sponsors: FCDI, Lockheed Martin, Department of Defense, SOFWERX

4:50 pm 14189 VISION, Tampa
VISION is a community team with members from 4 former FIRST LEGO League teams. This is their third season.

5:10 pm 14226 Fe3 Ironic, Palmetto, FL
#14226 is in its second year and our school is an arts school – Manatee School of the Arts. We are excited to bring different artistic backgrounds to the FTC experience-theatre, graphic design, visual art and even dance! Full S.T.E.A.M. ahead!! Fun Fact: We eat a lot of snacks! We are sculptors of robots and binary beaders! Sponsored by Funducation

5:30 16527 RevForce, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
We are a small community-based team with only one returning member and the rest of the team are middle school rookies with lots of enthusiasm. Going into our second year, we are looking forward to competing again even if it is virtual. Interesting team fact: Our team is comprised of students from 5 different schools in Miami-Dade and Broward County. We can’t all meet on the same day so we have gotten good at documenting our work in our engineering notebook so the that every practice is a step forward. Sponsored by Emergency Response Plumbing and Air Conditioning Inc. , Real Broker, LLC , Tara Christiansen, Realtor

6:00 18585 Future Tech 9-0, Quincy, FL
We are the Crossroad Academy Scorpions of Quincy, FL. This is our rookie season and we are excited to learn and grow from this experience. Sponsored by DEFENSEWerx/Doolittle Institute

FIRST Robotics Competition – Sunday, November 15, starting at 1pm

1:00pm – 806 Brooklyn Blacksmiths – Showcase interview
The Brooklyn Blacksmiths are a Co-ed Catholic school team entering our 20th season, 2x UL Industrial Safety Award winners (NYC Regional), champions of the final Monty Madness offseason (NJ), former Hudson Valley Rally offseason champions (NY), 2004 Archimedes division at Worlds (GA), 9x Food Drive and 6x Shoe Drive award winners at Brunswick Eruption offseason (NJ)

Interesting fact: Our school was all boys for 60 years, but our team went co-ed 10 years before the school decided to. We have had girls from 5 different schools be a part of our team over the years. Meeting the Pink Team in 2004 inspired our outreach to our sister schools. Sponsored by NASA.

1:40pm – 5842 Royal Robotics – running skills challenges
River Ridge High School team, from New Port Richey, Florida. Sponsored by Southern Manufacturing Technologies , TSE Inc, Pall Aerospace (They provided no additional info so encourage them to provide it before their skills runs)

AMRoC Fab Lab Scrimmages

3:00pm – 5276 Edgar Allan Ohms – skills challenges
The Ohms have the distinction of being the first FIRST Robotics Competition team started and run out of a public library for the first five years of their existence (hence the literary name “Edgar Allan Ohms”!). Today, the team is headquartered at AMROC Fab Lab in Tampa, not far from the first home at the Land O’Lakes Library in Pasco County. The team has been extraordinarily busy this season, primarily with a project to design an open source Field Management System for use at AMRoC and ROBOTICON. The team gave a presentation on the Nevermore FMS at the virtual Georgia FIRST Symposium this past summer, and successfully deployed the FMS at AMRoC during a Halloween Scrimmage with Royal Robotics and 12 Volt Bolt, where it worked pretty flawlessly. The team also participated in the Frontier Summer Robotics Challenge, where they were a semifinalist, and designed the skills challenges being used by FRC teams for ROBOTICON. Sponsored by FCDI, AMRoC Fab Lab, Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, SOFWERX, LGM Design Group, A-Quality Pool Service

3164 Stealth Tigers, Tampa FL
The Stealth Tigers are a passionate team comprised of students from the Academy of the Holy Names and Jesuit High School. Their many regional competitions led to their 2018 bid for World’s. These cool cats and kittens are proud to present their bot, Switchblade. Sponsored by Publix,Lockheed Martin, Jesuit High School, Parents and Friends. Interesting Fact: We unloaded, set up, and tore down our pit last year in a record 45 minutes!

We hope you’ll join in to cheer these great teams on!

And don’t forgot all our other ongoing participation opportunities, including our ROBOTICON Scavenger Hunt, ROBOTICON Challenge, Virtual Dance Party, NEXT Challenge for Alumni and an opportunity to win a FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant!

Go Teams!