ROBOTICON 2020 Remote Matches!

We can’t play in person, but we can play live online!  Registered teams across all programs – from anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide –  will be given a virtual match schedule.  Teams will be able to run their matches from their home locations during scheduled times, paired up online with another team from their program, and viewers will be able to see livestreamed match sets on a split screen view.


Register to participate by October 31



Robot Skills Challenges

No field? No problem!  You can still play.  We’ll have opportunities for students and teams to showcase robot skills like ball shooting, speed and agility trials and autonomous challenges.  Challenges can be recorded or livestreamed, depending on the number of teams that register to participate. (And seriously, if your robot can roast marshmallows over an open fire, we’d love to see it!)



No robot? Also no problem! The ROBOTICON CAD Challenge will give you an opportunity to design one in a weeklong CAD Challenge with several award opportunities. Look for more information on this great competition soon!

The ROBOTICON Challenge

This one doesn’t need a robot or field either.  The ROBOTICON Challenge gives middle and high school level teams an opportunity to share their expertise in one of three categories:

Business Planning – Show us how you effectively sustain your team. This could include merchandising, securing sponsorships, good budgeting, or some creative revenue stream.
Technical Expertise– Show us your most effective or unique solution to an engineering problem you encountered over the last season.
Community Service – How does your team serve back in your community? We’re especially interested in STEM related community service, but are happy to see any of your projects.

Submissions, due October 31, must include:

• A link to a 3 minute video on YouTube or Vimeo, and
• An essay of 500 words or less

Enter the ROBOTICON Challenge!

NEXT Robotics Challenge

Not on a robotics team anymore because you graduated? No problem! ROBOTICON has an alumni challenge this year – the NEXT Robotics Challenge  Here’s your chance to design that perfect game you’ve always dreamed of. The Challenge, open to post-high school alumni, is to share a game challenge that is:

o Exciting
o Accessible physically and financially
o An indoor competition
o Played on a 12×24’ field
o 24” robot weighing not more than 75 lbs

Entry must include:

o Basic gameplay description
o General rules including scoring elements
o Estimated budget
o How/where field and gameplay elements can be sourced
o A field sketch

Enter by October 31st!

Enter the NEXT Robotics Challenge

ROBOTICON 2020 Dance Party

Just wanna dance the 2020 blues away? Here’s your chance!  Submit a video of your team dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe and/or Cha Cha Slide.  Extra points for pandemic era creativeness.  Dance together on Zoom, masked, or safely distanced 6 feet apart – but just dance!  We’d also love to see your Parody music videos. Put a ROBOTICON spin on your favorite tunes, make it fun and keep it clean and we’ll run as many as we can during the two weeks of ROBOTICON Nov. 6-21. Enter by October 31st.

Join the ROBOTICON Dance Party!


ROBOTICON Alumni Spotlights

We’d like to take the opportunity of ROBOTICON Live Online! to be able to shine the spotlight on as many FIRST Alumni as possible throughout our virtual Youth Robotics Showcase. If you were part of a FIRST team, please share your story here and we’ll share you story during ROBOTICON!

Share your Alumni Story!


Win a FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant!

No team? No problem! Thanks to the generosity of FIRST Tech Challenge, we’re giving away four  FIRST Tech Challenge rookie team grants totaling $500 each. The grants include a $275 registration grant to cover the full cost of the FIRST Tech Challenge season registration and a $225 product grant to be used in the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront towards your robot gear. For a chance to win a grant, create a video no more than 5 minutes long, telling us, as creatively as possible, what your Ultimate Goal is for your new team. Read more and enter at the link below.

Enter to Win an FTC Rookie Team Grant!


We hope you’ll find a way to play with us November 6-21 at ROBOTICON Live Online!  Register to participate by October 31


ROBOTICON Live Online is sponsored by Lockheed Martin, and produced in partnership with PLUGHITZ Live.