Registration for ROBOTICON 2020 Live Online! is now open !

Register Now for ROBOTICON 2020!

There are several competition opportunities in addition to match play, which you can read more about and enter at our Games page . More comprehensive event information will be online by the end of the week, but essentially teams will be able to compete in remote live streamed matches, and enjoy a variety of workshops, presentations and other competitions throughout the two week event.

Remote matches will be broadcast on weekends, with presentations and workshops offered during after school hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm during the event period.  Look for more information soon on how to submit your Dance Break and Parody videos soon.

The $25 registration fee covers all competition participation, including ROBOTICON Challenge, CADathon, remote game play, Skills Challenges, and Scavenger Hunt. There will be prizes!

There are participation opportunities for Alumni, too!  Youth robotics program alumni can enter our NEXT Robotics Challenge and create the game of the dreams, and share their stories to be featured in our ROBOTICON Alumni Spotlights throughout the event.


Register your team by October 30th to participate in ROBOTICON Live Online!
ROBOTICON Live Online is sponsored by Lockheed Martin, and produced in partnership with PLUGHITZ Live.