Most of our event partners and sponsors we highlight in advance of ROBOTICON.  A special few get a shout out post-event, so you can better see what makes them so special. One of these great post-event highlights belongs to Matthew Yoder, of Myiconography .  We made Matthew’s acquaintance when he was doing group photos at an unrelated event, and his talent, warmth, and humor were immediately evident, so we ventured to ask about his services for ROBOTICON.  No only did he readily agree but he donated his time and expertise for the entire weekend, and mentored a student with photography interests, as well. Matthew tells us more about his work below.

“i·con /ˈīˌkän/ is a noun, definited as a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

My icons have never been the rich and famous that adorn grocery store magazine covers. Although we give them more attention than they deserve, they are all but irrelevant to the true meaning in our lives. Family. Friends. Moments. Memories. These are the things we will treasure all the days of our lives. These are the things I love to capture in photographs.

Based in St Petersburg, Florida I spend my days capturing the important people, moments and the beauty of people lives. There is a supreme satisfaction in knowing that the image I capture for you today will bring you back to the best moments of your life. A old, ragged photograph of a child could easily become the most valuable thing in ones life. I couldn’t be prouder to have made that picture, that moment of bliss eternal. That’s why I love my job.

When you look at the photos Matthew took at ROBOTICON, it’s easy to recognize his sharp eye for those special, memorable moments.  We’re grateful to Matthew for all the time he took to get just the right images at ROBOTICON, and hope you enjoy browsing his photos at our Flickr album for ROBOTICON 2019.  Other images are being added, but the ones he took are tagged both with his name, and his company name, Myiconography.

Click to see ROBOTICON 2019 Flickr album.

If you’re looking for a great photographer to do family portraiture, weddings,  headshots, corporate events, product photography, wildlife photography, macro photography and fine art prints, check out Matthew’s website and Facebook page, and if you see your photos among our collection, be sure to thank him!