We’re super excited to have some really wonderful volunteer groups joining us at ROBOTICON this year, to help make our 2019 event extra fun.  The  FIRST Rise theme provided the perfect opportunity to connect with the Southern R2 builders,  a hobby and enactment group that builds Star Wars droids.

“We have actually expanded out to other robots like WALL E and Daleks from DR Who,” said representative Bert Legaspi. “We been established since 2008 and you can find see us at Megacon orlando or among the other conventions. We also go to Maker Faires in Orlando and Tampa.

“A lot of us spend time going to Children’s Hospitals to meet those that are unable to see their favorite Star Wars characters and to brighten their day. The main website www.astromech.net is where you can join to start your droid build with the help of other builders. Many of our builders have had little to no experience in building or electronics but are able to create their droid. We also have a Facebook page for the Southern R2 builders and WALL E builders. We look forward  to seeing you at ROBOTICON!”

The Southern R2 Builders will have a small fleet of R2s and other celebrity robots making the rounds at ROBOTICON this weekend.  Get your free tickets at Eventbrite to see them, and learn more about their cool builds!

For free public tickets, click here.