Our next ROBOTICON Spotlight brings us back home to Tampa, to meet FIRST Tech Challenge team 4997 Masquerade of Middleton High School / Analog Devices (Tampa).

4997 Masquerade is a FIRST Tech Challenge team that is based in Middleton High School. This the 9th year the team has been around. Over the years, our team has done well enough to place us at 3rd in FTC Legends! We can attribute this success to prototyping. We frequently change and test different mechanisms to see which performs the best. We find that this allows us to iterate faster and more effectively build than many other teams. Also, not only has our team developed in skill and experience, it has developed it’s own culture. We love to listen to music while working and joke all the time. It makes everyone feel like they are in one big, supportive family.

We have won many awards in the past, ranging from design awards to winning alliance awards. Out of the 9 years the team has been alive, we have consistently won the state championship 7 out of those 9 years. While we are competitive, we always show gracious professionalism towards all other members of FTC and beyond.

Masquerade has many amazing mentors and sponsors supporting it and without them, the team would never be what it is today. Masquerade is more than just a robotics team, it’s a place where young people can prepare themselves to lead the next generation of STEM students. It’s a place where people can be connected to one another through STEM. But most of all, Masquerade is a family.

You can see FTC team Masquerade at ROBOTICON on Saturday October 12 – Get your free tickets for the event at Eventbrite!

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