We’re so grateful to the University of South Florida College of Engineering for being such amazing supporters of ROBOTICON each year! Dean Robert Bishop personally sends his warmest welcome to this year’s 2019 ROBOTICON teams and guests!

Welcome to the University of South Florida.

The students, faculty and staff of the USF College of Engineering are excited to once again sponsor ROBOTICON, now in its fourth year at the Yuengling Center. I hope this weekend is a great time for all the event’s student competitors. Many of our own students found their passion for engineering by attending Engineering Expo and working in competitive robotics groups.

Dean Bishop speaking with FRC teams at the 2018 live Tampa kick off at SOFWERX

The College of Engineering has been a centerpiece program of our preeminent research university for 55 years. If you’re attending ROBOTICON this year, take time to visit our engineering student organizations and research groups on display this weekend. Talk to our students and faculty, and see their innovative projects.

We offer ten undergraduate degrees including computer science, computer engineering and mechanical engineering. Our biomedical engineering program, located in the Medical Engineering Department at USF, is a unique program unlike any other in Florida. Students learn from both engineering professors and physicians.

The College of Engineering has more than 6,300 students who’ve come from all over the world to study and learn from a group of prestigious faculty, renown in their fields. USF has an amazing culture of innovation and invention, and our students have a hand in all that we achieve.

Participating in programs like FIRST and ROBOTICON give students a great idea of what it’s like to be an engineer. Learning to work as a team and stay positive through robot malfunctions are valuable experiences .

Have a wonderful time at ROBOTICON. You can visit the USF College of Engineering website for more details on our programs, and you can keep up to date with us through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

You can follow me on Twitter at @roberthbishop and visit my YouTube channel to learn how engineering is everywhere throughout our everyday lives.

Dr. Robert Bishop, Dean – USF College of Engineering

You may see Dean Bishop visiting the pits during the week . If you do, be sure to thank him for being such a great supporter of ROBOTICON, and please take time to visit the College of Engineering exhibits and demos on the 2nd floor of the arena throughout the weekend!

For free public tickets, click here.