Next in our ROBOTICON Team Spotlight series, it’s FIRST LEGO League team #40096,  the NovaBots, of Dover, FL!

The majority of our team is home-schooled, and several of our team members mentor EV3 and WeDo robotics classes at a local home-school co-op. Last year we won Innovative Project award at pre-qualifiers and Project Research award at Regionals with a small team of only 3 members. Over the spring and summer, we held an FLL boot camp and mini pre-season training and doubled our team size for this year.

To fund this season, we raised money in our local community and found a fiscal sponsor, the Alliance for the Pursuit of Knowledge, to allow us to apply for non-profit grants. Currently our sponsors are:

  • UroTuning
  • Calvin McLean
  • Scott Reinhart
  • Joseph Encarnacion
  • Harold B. Welch, D.M.D.
  • Heroes Only Barber Shop
  • AIAA Foundation and the
  • Boeing Company

We are looking forward to meeting other teams, sharing project and robot design ideas, and having fun testing our robot mission strategy. But we are really excited to see the next levels of FIRST!

See the NovaBots at ROBOTICON in the FIRST LEGO League area, on Saturday October 12!

For free public tickets, click here.