We’ve got some great workshop sessions lined up for FIRST teams participating in ROBOTICON this year.  One of them is Career Paths in Technology: Challenges and Solutions, organized by the Society of Women Engineers,  Women in Technology International (WITI)- Tampa Bay, and Citi

Students are invited to hear from a distinguished panel of professionals from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds to hear about how and why they chose a career in a STEM field. You will hear from this diverse group on the challenges that they encountered and the solutions that they arrived at as they progressed through their career paths to get to their current roles. The panelists from WITI, SWE and Citi have background ranging across Marine Science, Chemical Engineering, Software development, Information Security, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Industrial Engineering, Finance, Psychology – to name a few. Bring your questions to get their insight or share your challenges that you may have overcome.”

Our panelists for this session are:

Dr. Merrie Beth Neely – PhD USF College of Marine Science; WITI
– Scientist and Program Manager; Widely published; Award winning Phytoplankton Ecologist
– Technical scientific programs focused on environment e.g. harmful algal blooms (Red Tide?); water quality, wetlands, marine coastal/beach ecology

Carissa Giblin – Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and MBA from USF; SWE
– Engineer; Manager; Trainer
– Process Master and Professional Coach

 Cathy Curtin – B.S in Computer Science ; Citi
– Program Manager managing projects in Finance and Risk
– Audit liaison; Development and Test Manager
– Developed ground and  flight software for NASA science satellites launched in 1994 and 1996

Vanessa Hom – B.S in Information Systems and MBA in Technology Management; Citi
– Technology network management
– Information Security Officer who is part of a SWAT team that protects our applications, data, employee and customer information
– Cyber security expert protecting our bank

Dr. Linae Boehme -Ph.D. USF College of Marine Science; WITI
– Professor St. Petersburg College Baccalaureate Biology program
– Interim director SPC Bay Pines STEM Center 2017-2018
– Broad interdisciplinary interests, particularly using technology and instrumentation to answer questions: mass spectrometry, modeling, real-time data

 Donna Satchell – B.S in Computer Science/Math; M.S in Business Intelligence and Analytics ; Citi
– Program Manager for projects that build software robots to make employees’ work easier
– Developer/Programmer/Project Manager in early career years

Yahayra Heredia – B.A in Business Administration & Mgmt; MBA in Accounting; Industrial
Engineering certifications; Citi
– Financial guru & Engineer combined
– Manages teams and processes that focuses on Financial Data Intelligence & Analytical Reporting
– Allows corporations to understand financial data, monitor financial health & make the right decisions so the company can thrive

Erica Litchfield – B.A in Psychology; Citi
– HR Recruiter who makes job candidates dream job with Citigroup comes true
– Manages Citigroup’s paid summer internship & campus hiring initiatives across Florida universities
– Hosts resume and career readiness workshops to prepare students for their transition from college to the business world

Anu Gummaraju – B.S; Honors Diploma in Systems Management; Citi
– Program Manager for Data Quality of a large Datawarehouse
– Developer/Programmer/Project Manager in early career years

This session starts at 11:30am Saturday,  in the Media Room, and is open to students on teams registered for ROBOTICON.