Meet FIRST Tech Challenge team 12600, the Hadron Knights from  C. Leon King High School in Tampa Florida.

This is our second year competing in FIRST Tech Challenge   competition. The Hadron Knights Robotics Team enables the development of students’ interests in the areas of math, science, and engineering. By doing so, the program prepares our young minds to work and thrive in our increasingly technological world economy.

Majority of our team members have been an integral part of the FIRST family for seven years. Many team members participated in FIRST LEGO League  in West Central Florida and now part of FIRST Tech Challenge team, Hadron Knights.

Our team consists of freshmen and sophomore students from King High School with multifaceted interests and are motivated by the challenge of designing and building functional robots using STEM concepts and principles. Four new students joined the team this season and we are looking forward to an exciting second season as a team.

We also like to engage in sharing and spreading the mission of the FIRST and importance of STEM to students in our community by showcasing our robotics journey, helping create new FIRST LEGO League teams and mentoring other robotics teams. We conducted a three-day robotics boot camp for elementary school students last fall. We believe in giving back and community service. The team volunteered a food drive after Hurricane Irma in the New Tampa area. We collected over 1000 pounds of non-perishable goods and delivered it to Feeding America center in Tampa.

Hadron Knights had a great rookie year in 2017 – 2018 Relic Recovery season. We were the top team going into Hillsborough R.O.B.O.T League Championship tournament. We are one of the four alliance captains for the finals, won our semi-final round and played thrilling, nail-biting matches in the 3-match Final round. We are awarded the Design Award for our creativity and robustness of our design. In winter of 2018, we qualified for the Florida FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship in Jacksonville, FL. We were the highest ranked rookie team in the state championship. We are awarded the Judge’s Award. During the award ceremony, judges mentioned that we had captivated the interview room, and the Judges Award were awarded to us a recognition of the potential of this team in years to come.

We are very proud of our robot named Psi Meson. Like Hadron particles, our team is held together by a strong interaction. We collaborate as a group and can withstand even the toughest of situations just like individual quarks in Hadron are never seen isolated, but always found in groups.

Shout out to our key sponsors – ASCE, BAMA, Publix, Rockwell Collins, Verizon, King High Robotics Booster Club Inc. We appreciate our sponsors’ commitment to enabling our team with financial and professional support.

“Hadron Knights are more than a phenomenon ….”.

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Come see the Hadron Knights at ROBOTICON Tampa Bay on September 29! Click the image to get your free tickets!