We’re happy to share the University of South Florida’s great news of achieving Preeminent status, adding another feather in this fine University’s cap, and yet another reason we hold ROBOTICON Tampa Bay here.

The University of South Florida can officially stand side by side with the University of Florida and Florida State University as the best universities in the state. The Florida Board of Governors voted unanimously on June 28, 2018, to formally designate USF as a “Preeminent State Research University,” recognizing the institution’s high performance and strong trajectory toward national excellence.

Preeminence represents the culmination of USF’s many years of careful strategic planning, focused allocation of resources and determination of thousands of students, faculty and staff. The designation comes with millions of dollars in additional funding, carries prestige that will benefit USF in many key areas, including new student and faculty recruitment, and will enhance the economic development of the Tampa Bay region.

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“USF’s preeminence status will enhance our ability to continue to attract the best and brightest to the College of Engineering, add more nationally ranked faculty and build new curriculum that meet the needs of industry, such as the new major in cybersecurity and our growing presence in biomedical engineering,” said Robert Bishop, dean of the College of Engineering.

USF will use the new funding to invest in student success initiatives, attract nationally prominent faculty members and enhance research activities in strategic areas, such as heart health and medical engineering. Those two fields are important as USF moves forward with plans to open the new Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute facility in late 2019 as part of Water Street Tampa.

Teams attending ROBOTICON Tampa Bay 2018 will be able to see some of what makes USF a standout university on display throughout the weekend, September 29 & 30, and get to meet with professors,students and alumni of USF and learn more about the great programs and opportunities available to USF students.

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