Steve and Terri Willingham, organizers of ROBOTICON Tampa Bay, receiving a Proclamation for a previous year’s event from the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners.

Hillsborough County has been a friend of ROBOTICON since our inception five years ago.  County representatives shared a bit about our great county and why they believe ROBOTICON is important to our community.



We are excited to partner with ROBOTICON this year and look forward to having this fantastic event in our Hillsborough community. Hillsborough County Economic Development works to improve our county’s business climate and make the county more attractive for job and wealth creation. The department focuses on a wide array of economic drivers, including offering employers a well-trained workforce, attracting high-wage jobs, and diversifying the county’s economic base while helping traditional industries like convention, tourism and sports.

Pipeline of Workers

Hillsborough County assists local businesses to cultivate the next generation of leaders. Hillsborough County’s burgeoning high-tech sector, favorable business climate, and key location have shielded it from the persistent manufacturing decline across the U.S. Manufacturing is growing so fast in Hillsborough County that some companies fear there won’t be enough skilled workers to fill open positions. Hillsborough County aims to increase awareness of career opportunities in manufacturing; bolster job training and apprenticeships in and after high school; and coordinate among schools, manufacturers, and workforce development managers to match skilled workers with suitable jobs. It is wonderful events like these that help address the skills needed.

Thank you for what you are doing to assist the community and improving the perception and increasing the awareness of these lucrative opportunities.

We’re grateful for the support of Hillsborough County and the value they see in the enormous talent pipeline FIRST programs provide!

Join us and Be Inspired!

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