This year we welcome Wish Farms as a ROBOTICON event sponsor.  Best known for their amazing strawberries and other fruit, it might be hard to see the connection between fresh fruit and STEAM education and engineering, but Wish Farms is looking to the future, with automated harvesting systems that will need future science and technology leaders to further develop, maintain and operate. Here’s a bit more about Wish Farms.

From the humble beginnings of an immigrant pushcart peddler, Wish Farms has been delivering quality produce since 1922. Third generation family-owner, Gary Wishnatzki, takes great pride in continuing his family’s legacy while upholding the company’s core values of quality, integrity and responsiveness.

Wish Farms counts on automation and technology to successfully harvest and distribute fresh product to stores. Right now, our blueberry packing line is a great example of how we are able to utilize technology to help us sort through and choose quality fruit to pack and ship out.

Wish Farms owner and “Head Pixie”, Gary Wishnatzki, co-founded Harvest CROO, an automated strawberry harvester company. This past summer, Harvest CROO announced that they are taking steps toward creating the world’s first commercially viable robotic strawberry harvester.

Mr. Wishnatzki was also one of five people asked to appear on Capitol Hill to represent the interests of hard-working specialty crop farmers. They discussed the future of Ag Labor and the Next Farm Bill: Technology and Innovation. Read the full story, and watch the video recap, here.

Thank you, Wish Farms, for your support of ROBOTICON Tampa Bay!