Greg Serio with FTC Alumnus Ryder FItzpatrick

Greg Serio  of The People of Manufacturing will be moderating our special panel discussion at ROBOTICON, called Manufacturing the Future. The panel will feature several high level ROBOTICON sponsors and partners and give FIRST students and special guests an opportunity to hear from a variety of local manufacturing professionals.  The People of Manufacturing (TPOMFG) is a full service Manufacturing Consulting firm specializing in Manufacturing Education and Apprenticeships with full engineering and programming capabilities.  We asked Greg to tell us a bit about his interest and support of ROBOTICON.

ROBOTICON: Why is your organization supporting or helping with ROBOTICON?

GS: We are whole-heartedly bought into the message and vision of FIRST.  We believe that FIRST teams are comprised of the future workforce in both skilled labors and engineering professions. These students are truly our future.

ROBOTICON: Why do you think ROBOTICON is important, now and in the long term?

GS: I believe ROBOTICON is important because it connects teams from around Florida, the country and world to drive lasting connections that add value to one another. A forum this size offers even the most introverted person the opportunity to connect with others and learn from one another.

ROBOTICON: Why do you believe FIRST K-12 project based STEM learning is important or how do you believe it can impact our future workforce or economic outlook? 

GS: In my industry, there is a very shallow labor pool to chose from, and an even shorter list of those that are actually skilled enough to do the job. I believe FIRST programming is second to none in developing the future workforce for manufacturing. Harboring the imagination and promoting self awareness provides these kids with valuable skills that sets them far above and beyond their peers who do not participate. These programs offer  knowledge and teamwork that is not offered in traditional classroom learning environments and in turn, provides highly competent young people to add tremendous value in the workforce. The economic impact is immense and provides a nearly automatic ROI for any manufacturer that hires these ‘kids’. Most are already proficient in AutoCAD or programming and can preform tasks that their peers the same age cannot preform.

You can meet Greg and learn more about manufacturing apprenticeship opportunities at ROBOTICON Tampa Bay October 7 & 8 at the University of South Florida Sun Dome Arena.