thumbnail_first_likeagirl#FIRSTLikeAGirl is a video campaign created to encourage girls to pursue STEM activities and become a part of the FIRST community. #FIRSTLikeAGirl videos showcase student and mentor experiences in one minute long videos designed to be shared via website, social media and promotions.   #FIRSTLikeAGirl was initiated by 4-H Exploding Bacon, Teaitunesalbumartmetrom 1902.

At ROBOTICON, Exploding Bacon has teamed up with PLuGHiTz Live, run by FIRST Alum Scott Ertz, and other FIRST alum, to offer participating students an opportunity to share their FIRST Like A Girl stories to use on your website, social media and promotions to encourage more girls to explore FIRST.

The videos are one minute stories of the student’s individual experience.
You can see  examples of some completed FIRST Like A Girl videos here .


There are only 15 appointment slots available for this chance to get a video done for your team at ROBOTICON.

Filming appointments will be available at the event from 10:00am to 3:00pm Sunday, October 9th.

If you’re  interested, it’s easy to reserve your team’s spot.

STEP 1: Make an Appointment for your student’s time slot. (If the student is driving in any matches, please work around this time slot.)

scheduleSTEP 2: Email 4-6 pictures of the students and their FIRST experience and a team logo (transparent preferred) for the intro to PluGHiTz Live via Include the following information of the student who will be filmed.

  • First Name
  • Team Name & Number
  • Leadership role or what the student specializes in
  • Grade

STEP 3: Share the list of questions below with your student for her to think about before her interview.

Think about your FIRST story…

How did you get started?
How you got to where you are now?
What do you like best about being on your team?
Any special experiences or challenges?
What do you like best about FIRST and robotics?
Any Outreach events that have had an impact on you?
What do you hope to accomplish still and/or what FIRST has helped you accomplish?
Why do you think FIRST is important for females?

STEP 4: Student attends the taping interview appointment in their team shirt.

STEP 5: Share the video!
If your student is nervous or concerned, let them know this is very casual and will be edited and released with team and student approval. Use the questions above as a guideline and feel free to reference the previous FIRST Like A Girl videos.

Thank you for helping share the FIRST story.

If you are unable to have your interested student attend ROBOTICON,  but would like more information on how to create your own FIRST Like A Girl video, contact Exploding Bacon at for more information.

If there are additional appointments available after team’s have had the opportunity to sign up a student, we will open registration up to additional students and mentors.

We hope that by sharing our stories we can inspire more girls to explore the opportunities available in STEM and FIRST!