thumbnail_porygonprogrammers_fll23878The Porygon Programmers, FIRST LEGO League team 23878 from Valrico, Florida, are using Quizlets to prepare for the Animal Allies season, and they are encouraging other teams to use them too. Quizlet is a free, fun school study website and app, where you can create online flash cards and games for whatever you want to learn.

The Porygon Programmers have four rookie members, so their coach created a Quizlet to help them learn the names of common LEGO Technic parts. Then the team members created their own Quizlet to learn the point values for the robot game mission models. They hope other teams will use the Quizlets to have fun and get a better score.

Here are the links:

Check it out and let the Porygon Programmers know how you like their great resources! You’ll be able to see them in action at ROBOTICON Tampa Bay in the FIRST LEGO League area!

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