ROBOTICON 2016 Expands to 32 FIRST Robotics Competition Teams!

field We’re very happy to announce that we’re able to expand our field of teams across all programs for this year’s FIRST Showcase and Off-Season event!

For our FIRST Robotics Competition off-season, we’re able to accommodate up to 32 teams, with game play starting on Saturday* October 8, after lunch, and running through Sunday afternoon.  It’s a cool game and we’ve got more space, so why not enjoy it longer with more teams?!

For FIRST Tech Challenge, we’re able to host up to 16 teams for scrimmage and build day opportunities, and up to 16 FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams can enjoy a mini-Expo at ROBOTICON, both on Saturday, October 8.

24 FIRST LEGO League teams can join in two opportunities for scrimmages, a field of 12 in the morning and another field of 12 in the afternoon, on October 8.

In addition to game play opportunities, teams can enjoy workshops on everything from programming to team development, a Young Women in Tech Networking event, and more.

Look for info on this year’s ROBOTICON Challenge soon, and on our two day ROBOTICON Innovation Fair!  Click the images below to register your team today!

*Please note: The one day option for ROBOTICON has been removed, because we won’t be able to add new teams to the match schedule on Sunday. 

FRC team registration button

FLL to FTC register button


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