Virtual Robotics ToolkitWe’re happy welcome The Virtual Robotics Toolkit by Cogmation, as a new event sponsor this year!

The Virtual Robotics Toolkit is a simulator for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics, allowing users to build, program, and simulate their own virtual robots in exactly the same way as a physical robot. The VRT includes virtual, interactive versions of both FIRST® LEGO® League, and World Robot Olympiad competition boards, as well as many other challenges, including robotic sumo, soccer, and more. The VRT costs less than a video game, and delivers a unique and flexible robotics experience.

You’ll get to try out the Virtual Robotics Toolkit at the ROBOTICON Innovation Fair and a few lucky FIRST LEGO League teams will win some full copies of the VRT software!

Join us in welcoming the Virtual Robotics Toolkit to ROBOTICON Tampa Bay!

You can find VRT and all our great supporters on the ROBOTICON Sponsors and Partners page.