Show Steelers

Earlier this year, FIRST in Florida was contacted by Maestro Maines Studio in Tampa, looking for a couple of local teams to demo at their Star Wars themed summer music camp, to round out his students STEAM experience.   The Edgar Allan Ohms FRC team, from Land O’Lakes, and FTC Team Duct Tape, of Tampa, came out on two separate weeks to share their engineering skills and FIRST with the camp students.

EAO Group

Maestro Maines students with the Edgar Allan Ohms FRC Team

We wanted to return the favor, and invited Maestro Maines students to share what they do at ROBOTICON, and so on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 1pm,  the  ‘Show Steelers’ , Maestro Maines Studio’s youth Steel Pan Band, will take the floor with a Tropical Star Wars performance!

Maestro Maines Studio LLC is the only commercial music school in Florida, and possibly the nation where students in the community may participate in a steel drum ensemble.

For more information about Show Steelers, or to find out more information about Maestro Maines Studio, visit .