Kelley Jones-McDowall

Kelley Jones-McDowall at last year’s event

ROBOTICON Tampa Bay is honored to welcome back NASA Design Engineer, Kelley Jones-McDowall, as a special guest and speaker at ROBOTICON.

Kelley Jones-McDowall joined NASA as a Kennedy Internship Program (KIP) intern in the summer of 2008 and became a co-op in the spring of 2009 from Purdue University. Through the years, she has worked in several NASA engineering branches. As an intern, she worked in both the Shuttle Transition program and NASA Engineering (NE) Fluid Systems design engineering branch. Fluid Systems design became her main group, but as a co-op, Kelley had a chance to take part in intern rotations. She experienced rotational assignments in NASA Launch Services Program’s Propulsion division, Engineering Directorate’s Space Shuttle Main Engines and Main Propulsion System branch.

As part of a KSC/JSC intern exchange rotation, Kelley had a great opportunity to spend a summer at Johnson Space Center’s Power and Propulsion Fuel Cell group. The Fuel Cell group was testing a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with a new technology in the fluid system. This was a demonstrated with planned with the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV).

In December 2012, Kelley received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University with concentrations in propulsion and design. Kelley also minored in dance and was a member of the Purdue Contemporary Dance Company, putting the A(rts) in her STEAM experience.

Currently, Kelley is assigned to the Engineering Directorate’s Fluid Systems Design group working on Integrated Ground Operations Demonstration Units (IGODU) test designing a pneumatic purge panel. Also Kelley is working as a propulsion engineer for the Launch Services Program Propulsion group on SpaceX’s second stage and MVacD engine certification and flight margin verifications for recent launches.

Outside of work, Kelley teaches an introduction to dance course at the Salvation Army and plays with the Orlando Women’s Rugby Team.

We’re happy to have Ms. Jones-McDowall back at ROBOTICON, bringing her warmth, energy and enthusiasm for science and technology to our FIRST Showcase Event!