Heads up Tampa area FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition Teams! You’re invited to join FIRST mentors Andrew Schreiber – one of our ROBOCON workshop presenters – and Chris Picone (via videoconference), Wednesday November 20th at 9pm EST at Tampa Hackerspace (3104 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33607) for a two-part presentation – Brave Little Toaster to Scoring Machine: Fielding a Competitive Robot on a Budget. The focus of this presentation is to help teams use mathematics to determine effective strategies as well as provide tips on building simple and effective solutions to game challenges.

“These are expanded versions of conference talks given at Championship this year and are free to attend, ” Andrew says. “Be aware that seating is limited at the space, there is a fair bit of room but we don’t have more than 30 chairs. The presentation will also be live streamed across the country (link will be posted at fb.ewcp.org) and will run approximately 2 hours.”

Questions can be directed to Chris and Andrew at contact@ewcp.org.