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To celebrate our 2nd annual FIRST Showcase event, we’re hosting the 2014 RobotiCon Challenge, a new opportunity to highlight the great work your team is doing!

The 2014 RobotiCon Challenge is open to FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams participating in the 2014 RobotiCon FIRST Showcase October 11 & 12 at the University of Tampa. Awards will be given to an FTC team and an FRC team in each of these three categories:

  • Entrepreneurship – Show us how you effectively sustain your team. This could include merchandising, securing sponsorships, good budgeting, or some creative revenue stream.
  • Technical – Show us your most effective or unique solution to an engineering problem you encountered over the last season.
  • Community Service – How does your team serve back in your community? We’re especially interested in STEM related community service, but are happy to see any of your projects.

Submissions are due by October 1

Your submission must include:

  •  A link to a 3 minute video on YouTube or Vimeo, and
  • An essay of 500 words or less addressing one of the three challenges listed.

Submit your essay with file name as follows: program, team number and name (ex. FTC/FRCTeam1234TheAwesomes), and include at the top of the essay:

  • Category of entry: Entrepreneurship, Technical or Community Service
  •  Team Contact info including school or organization, contact name, email and phone number
  •  A link to the companion video.

Teams must be registered to attend RobotiCon 2014 for award consideration. Submit your entry online  .

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We are looking for:

  • Entries that embody the goals and mission of FIRST, regardless of category
  • Engineering solutions that are elegant, robust and have a creative design, in process, execution, or via a creative or unique strategy of play, focusing on a feature or features of the machine or development process.
  • Entrepreneurship entries that exhibit an understanding of business planning , in order to define, manage and achieve team objectives, displaying entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the vital business skills that ensure a self-sustaining program
  • Entries that exemplify sportsmanship and continuous Gracious Professionalism® at all levels.
  • Entries with clear evidence of enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork

You can download the RobotiCon Challenge info sheet here, to distribute to share with teammates and coaches.  You can find a dedicated RobotiCon Challenge page here.

Good luck, Teams!