2022 Q&A

ROBOTICON 2022 Q&A for Teams

Once again, ROBOTICON is a month-long Manufacturing Month event running throughout October.  There will be matches inside AMRoC Fab Lab and throughout University Mall, with the full-size FIRST Robotics Competition field and a full Rapid React game field out in a public open space in the mall and current season games for VEX, FIRST LEGO League, and FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Matches will be livestreamed, as will some educational content.

This page will feature Q&A leading up to the event, as we receive and answer questions, which we hope teams will find helpful and useful.  


 Q. Why should we register for this event?

A. Seriously? Where else are you going to get ROBOTICON-level fun, interaction and education? Teams can enjoy robot games on full competition fields and tables.  It’s affordable, health and safety oriented, and professionally managed with a focus on a quality academic experience that’s fun.  What’s not to love?

Q. Where is the event being held?

A. ROBOTICON 2022 is being held at Univesity Mall  – just west of the University of South Florida, on Fowler Avenue – throughout most of October.  AMRoC Fab Lab – ROBOTICON HQ – is located at 2154 University Mall, at the west end of the Mall.

Q. How much does it cost to attend the event as a spectator?

A. Nothing!  ROBOTICON is free to the public, as it has always been.  A public agenda will be published on the Event Agenda page by September.   

Q.  How much does it cost for participating teams?

A. Costs vary by program and can be found on the Registration forms for each program.

Q. What’s the last refund date?

A: Registration fees are refundable up to September 30 if the team cancels, and fully refundable if we cancel for any reason. Registered teams will receive invoices for payment starting the 1st week in September,and payment will be due by Sept. 15. 

O\Q: What games are teams playing?

A: We plan to have current season game play with full playing field and game elements for all programs.  Full info will be on the Games page.

Q: Will teams be able to play head to head matches?

A: Our goal is to have 2 v. 2 matches at minimum, for all programs, wherever there are enough registered teams to support some type of alliance game play.

Q: It looks like each team is given a time block where they participate in some activities. Can you clarify what that might look like?

A: Each weekend in October, through Oct. 29, we’ll host game play opportunities for a different youth robotics platform.  Here’s the general schedule so far:

    • Live stream kick-off event the first weekend in October,
    • FIRST Robotics Competition Off-season October 8 & 9
    • VEX IQ Tournament October 15
    • VEX Robotics Competition Tournament on Oct. 16
    • Light weight Combat Robotics- October 22
    • RECF Aerial Drone Competition, VEX U College Tournament and FIRST Tech Challenge Scrimmage on Oct. 29  

We’ll also be holding an Alumni Social & NEXT Challenge, the CAD Challenge, and host a Tech Innovations, College & Career Expo every weekend.

Teams will receive assigned competition times for their weekend, in advance, and will have 15 minute buffers between changes of match shifts.   

When not competiing in matches in AMRoC, teams may participate in workshops and programs in the classroom space next door to AMRoC, provide outreach in their team’s booth in the Youth Robotics Expo, browse the Engineering Expo, and Trades & Career Expo or enjoy other educational and entertainment opportunities we’re still working to schedule for the event.  Full program agenda will be posted to the Event Agenda page prior to the start of ROBOTICON 2022.

Q. What’s ROBOTICON’s COVID-19 Policy?

A:We expect teams, students, coaches, mentors, parents and families to exercise common sense health and wellness practices.  COVID-19 has not gone away and continues to evolve, so we recommend wearing masks when in large groups where safe social distancing can’t be maintained, or if someone has pre-existing health conditions or wants to protect someone else in their lives who does.   

Q: Will there be a public viewing area for other team members, parents, etc to gather and watch live stream?  
A: We’ll be livestreaming matches each weekend via Facebook Live, and ROBOTICON’s YouTube and Twitch channels.  For family and friends traveling with teams, we’ll be providing a live feed to the big front window of AMRoC Fab Lab, as well as to the Team Expo area.

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