2016 ROBOTICON Challenge


The 2016 ROBOTICON Challenge, sponsored this year by the Doolittle Institute, was open to FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams participating in the 2016 ROBOTICON FIRST Showcase October 8 & 9 at the University of South Florida.

Our 2016 ROBOTICON Challenge winners are:di-logo

Congratulations to these two great teams!


Each team was awarded a top prize of $150 by showing how the team meets the highest levels of performance in each of the three judged elements below:

  •  Business Planning – Show us how you effectively sustain your team. This could include merchandising, securing sponsorship,  good budgeting, or some creative revenue stream.
  • Technical Expertise– Show us your most effective or unique solution to an engineering problem you encountered over the last season.
  •  Community Service – How does your team serve back in your community? We’re especially interested in STEM related community service, but are happy to see any of your projects.


 Our 2015 Awardees

FTC Team Renaissance Robotics – Community Outreach

Robotic Bacon Eating Narwhals – Community Outreach


FRC Team Clockwork Mania – Community Outreach

Clockwork Mania Roboticon Challenge





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