The US Engineering League has flown into Tampa to visit ROBOTICON and introduce Florida to Sumobots League!

USEL has been in operation since 2018 and the leadership team is Ericka, Herman, and Will.  We have served over 50 schools and close to 4,000 students throughout California and Illinois.   We are the national organizers for World Robot Olympiad USA and take teams to international competitions to represent the United States in robotics every year.  This year we are going to Germany.   SumoBots is expecting to have between 5-10 international organizers in 2023 and we will host our first world championships.
We hope by being at ROBOTICON we can meet after-school providers who are interested in starting a SumoBots League in their school or learning center and see this as a huge opportunity to join us early and experience the growth of this competition in Tampa Bay and Florida!

You can try Sumobots yourself at ROBOTICON the weekend of October 15 & 16 and October 22 & 23!